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Dr. Fiorillo: Premier Mommy Makeover Specialist in New York

Written by Admin on February 7, 2018

With two decades of experience, Dr. Fiorillo has gained the reputation of being one of the best plastic surgeons in the United States and his reputation is spreading internationally.  The plastic surgeon community highly respects him and his clients have very high regard for him.  As a double…Read More

Planning a Mommy Makeover

Written by Admin on October 27, 2014

It’s important to keep in mind that a mommy makeover does involve surgery, so it’s good to take steps to plan things out well in advance and prepare accordingly. The first step is usually going to involve reading and researching about this type of procedure. You want to have a…Read More

Possible Mommy Makeover Procedures

Written by Admin on October 7, 2014

A mommy makeover is a surgical process that can vary from person to person. The general idea behind it is that a woman’s body can undergo some significant changes because of giving birth to and caring for a child. There may be major changes to the appearance of the person’s…Read More

When to Get a My Mommy Makeover?

Written by Admin on May 5, 2014

While maternity itself is one of the most beautiful and wonderful things in a woman’s life, the beauty doesn’t have to end there. After pregnancy and nursing, many women do not feel satisfied with their appearance, with desire to look and feel beautiful again. With Dr. Fiorillo’s unique My >Mommy…Read More

The Safety of My Mommy Makeover

Written by Admin on April 18, 2014

There is an increasing number of women who have breast augmentations or lifts after bearing a child —and especially after nursing — ending up with a number of health complications. There are many reasons for this, but the three most important ones are as follows.

First of all, the mother’s overall…Read More

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