April 18, 2014

The Safety of My Mommy Makeover

There is an increasing number of women who have breast augmentations or lifts after bearing a child —and especially after nursing — ending up with a number of health complications. There are many reasons for this, but the three most important ones are as follows.

First of all, the mother’s overall health and lifestyle is sometimes not adequate for something like a breast enhancement or lift. We won’t lie to you — not everyone fits the criteria for a Mommy Makeover. However, Dr. Fiorillo in New York cares about your health just as much as he does about your beauty. You should always have a discussion with the doctor, and ask for an expert’s opinion. While some of you may not be able to get your Mommy Makeover breast enlargement or lift straight away, there is no reason to fear. Dr. Fiorillo offers you expert advice on what to change about your health and lifestyle, in order to be ready for such a treatment — and in most cases, you it won’t take more than a month.

Secondly, the technology many aesthetic surgeons use is outdated and has been proven to cause unwanted long-term results. Depending on what kind of treatment such surgeons provide (and how ready your body actually is), complications can appear in overall health, internal wounds and poisoning, and even digestion and urinary complications. Dr. Fiorillo, on the other hand, practices brand new technologies which seldom cause any complications — and even if those do occur, they are minimal. On top of that, any complications can be further treated in order to make your experience as painless as possible.

Finally, one of the most visible problems arises from a practitioner’s lack of expertise and skill. Let’s face it —there are dozens of celebrities, both male and female, whose appearance is much less appealing after an aesthetic surgery than before it. In New York, however, Dr. Fiorillo is a double bored certified blastic surgeon specializing in breast procedures, and has a number of highly trained nurses and technicians at his side. His results also speak for themselves, with every woman approached as a unique individual, and given treatment which her body deserves. Dr. Fiorillo’s aim is to provide and restore the youthful and natural look to you and your breasts, rather than make you fake and plastic.

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