September 4, 2014

The Safest Breast Surgery Procedures

For the best mommy makeover surgery in New York, choose Dr. Fiorillo. With a team of highly qualified professionals, we use cutting edge techniques and technology in order to provide you with a superior service. The doctor is double-certified as a surgeon by two respected boards. He has been providing surgeries in this area since 1998 and we are proud of the fact that we remain one of the leading practitioners within the area. That is why we have been chosen by Sientra to train other surgeons for Gummy Bear procedures, a major achievement for Dr. Fiorillo who is one of the few to be given this accolade in the entire USA.

First Class Plastic Surgery

You will not find a more dedicated team for mommy makeover surgery in New Jersey. We focus on your unique body needs and ensure that you get the best breast implants that money can buy. At the same time we try to give you as much opportunity to recover under ideal conditions as possible. That is what we do as the preferred mommy makeover specialist New York team. With our techniques, safety is at the top of our priorities and that is why we have been able to undertake a number of mommy makeover specialist New Jersey procedures successfully to the satisfaction of our esteemed clients.

There are a number of mommy makeover service options for you including:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Lifts and reductions
  • Tummy tucks
  • Liposuction
  • CoolSculpting and Liposuction
  • Swedish and Deep Tissue Massages
  • TriPollar Procedures and Facials
  • Waxing and Injectables
  • Laser Treatments and Body Wraps
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