February 11, 2014

Mommy Makeover: A Tribute to Motherhood

There’s no creature on the planet that is more selfless than a mother. A mom is always the go-to person in the house. She is a friend, a confidant, a provider, a teacher, a guide, or even a friend. She always makes sure that everyone in the house is well-taken care of.

A mother is in a very unique and enviable position. She is the only one who has the ability to bear a child in her womb. Only she knows the joy of carrying a child and nurturing it until the baby is ready to face the world. A father can only be there and provide support. He can share with the excitement, but he will really never fathom the depth of happiness that his wife feels.

As it has its rewards, motherhood also has its challenges. It starts with the first morning sickness when the baby is conceived to the adjustments the needs to be done as the pregnancy progresses. Then there is the pain of childbirth and the many sleepless nights that will follow. Along the way are decisions to be made. “Shall I continue with my career?” “Will I be a stay at home mom?” Shall I see a mommy makeover specialist in New Jersey to get my old form back?

Regardless of the career path she chooses, she will always be there to be a mother to her children. She’ll guide them as they take their first steps, nurse their wounds, prepare their meals, help them with their assignments. She’ll always provide the support that her children will need. She will always be there to provide encouraging words. As she does all these, she may also be there as a wife, continuously caring and loving as always.

In the midst of all these is also a person who thinks about herself as well. Her thoughts will always revolve around her family. However, when she’s alone and looking at the mirror, there’ll be thousands of things that’ll run through her mind. What will I do when the children grow up? Do I still look alright? Can I start my career again when I’m older?

Truly, their thoughts can be a challenge for us. Even Dr. Fiorillo, the mommy makeover specialist in New York, believes that there really is nothing of value that will ever compensate for what mothers do. Actually, they never ask to be compensated. They have made a commitment when they decided to have a baby. What they will mostly be pleased about, though, is for us to show gestures of appreciation.

They’ll appreciate it when we do well in school, when we become successful in our careers. Our accomplishments are theirs, too! What we do is an affirmation of their being mothers, of what they have achieved as parents.

A hug, a kiss, a thoughtful message, a simple greeting on their birthdays, regular visits, a mommy makeover surgery in New Jersey gift—these are simple things we can do for them to tell them how much we value who they are in our lives and what they have done for us. And that would be enough for them to say, “I am an accomplished mother!”

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