May 5, 2014

When to Get a My Mommy Makeover?

While maternity itself is one of the most beautiful and wonderful things in a woman’s life, the beauty doesn’t have to end there. After pregnancy and nursing, many women do not feel satisfied with their appearance, with desire to look and feel beautiful again. With Dr. Fiorillo’s unique My >Mommy Makeover treatment, you can restore that youthful look you had before maternity.

We have deliberately addressed the question when to take a makeover treatment, rather than whether to take it at all. This is because we firmly believe that every woman, and especially every mother —have all the right in the world to feel beautiful, desirable and charming. If you are in New York, or New Jersey, you are in luck — Dr. Fiorillo is the best practitioner for such treatments around. As a double board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast procedures, his innovative surgery methods yield better results than of most similar doctors worldwide.

After having a child, and when done nursing, your body has experienced a number of less-than-pleasant changes. Most mothers experience changes in size and shape of their breasts, as well as those in their motherly tummies. Moreover, there is very usually an unpleasant layer of fat under your skin, especially the regions which accentuate your femininity. Your Mommy Makeover treatment will take care of such nuisances, by providing separate treatments for all three issues —and, if needed, even more than that. Unlike most other treatments, Dr. Fiorillo’s Mommy Makeover will take into account your own individual body, and how you really want it to be. We offer you a variety of breast surgeries from which to choose, whether you want to change their size, shape or both. We offer breast lifts, breast enhancements, and breast reductions. The same goes for your abdomen and waist. We know very well that every woman has a unique body, and that every birth will leave different marks from it. When you feel that you no longer want to bear those marks, Dr. Fiorillo offers you his famous Tummy Tuck, which will make your abdomen flat, toned and fit just as before —and all your womanly curves, will be here again. And when your curves have been overshadowed by the aftermath of childbirth, Dr. Fiorillo is here with his liposuction. Your body will bloom again in all it’s gracious, fresh look as it was before.

The best thing about taking a Mommy Makeover at Dr. Fiorillo’s clinic is that you can feel free and safe after it. While many doctors will, after such treatments, recommend you against having another child, here you can safely plan even more children. And on top of that, you can be absolutely sure that your beauty and youth can be restored again. If you are looking for the premier breast enhancement and lift surgeon in the New York and New Jersey area, call Dr. Fiorillo today to schedule your personal consultation.

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