January 30, 2015

Complete Mommy Makeovers


Becoming a mother is often a highlight in a woman’s life. However, after pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, some women are left feeling like they have lost their old selves in the process. This is where our Mommy Makeover can aid you by offering a combination of a tummy tuck, breast procedure, and liposuction, as well other noninvasive procedures. All surgeries are provided by expert Dr. Fiorillo, a double board certified plastic surgeon, available in New York City and New Jersey.


Abdominoplasty Procedures

Many mothers gain excess weight all over during pregnancy and are then left with saggy and stretched out skin on their stomachs. As a result, decided to offer multiple abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) options. For those who are near their goal weight, with 10% or less to go, you are perfect candidates for this procedure. If you have a large amount of extra skin then a full tummy tuck is best for you. For those who have mostly lower belly bulges, the mini tummy tuck might be what you need. In both circumstances, the excess skin and fat will be removed and abdominal muscles and fascia tightened.


Breast Procedures

After pregnancy and during breastfeeding, it is common for your breasts to lose some of the original volume and shape. By having a breast augmentation, also known as a breast enhancement, you can retrieve your old figure or even improve on it. Dr. Fiorillo performs all surgeries and has performed over 3000 augmentations. We also offer breast lifts and breast reductions. In a breast lift, excess skin will be removed from the area that has lost its elasticity; thus, causing the breast to sag. The supporting tissue will also be tightened. The areola will also be repositioned and its size decreased if needed. After your breast lift, you will still have the same size, fullness, and roundness as before the surgery. A breast reduction might be the right addition to your Mommy Makeover if your bust is too large—creating health issues, self-esteem issues, and or pain. The procedure is not for those who are breastfeeding or pregnant.


Lipo and Noninvasive Services

At times you might have put in all the necessary hard work to lose your baby fat, but there are still a few problematic areas that just will not budge. We offer liposuction services to sculpt, slim, and re-contour your body to rid you of your stubborn fat cells. After the removal of your unwanted fat cells, these areas will no longer accumulate fatty deposits. Noninvasive (surgery free) procedures are available as well. We offer CoolSculpting and TriPollar at our Luminique Medspa to help you regain your pre-pregnancy body. With our CoolSculpting treatment, we freeze your stubborn fat cells until they crystallize and DIE! Our new TriPollar procedure shrinks underlying fat cells by heating the skin using radiofrequency technology.


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So regardless of your new mommy body issues, you are guaranteed the best service and results by choosing Dr. Fiorillo for your Mommy Makeover in New York or New Jersey. Now it is possible to look and feel like your old self again!

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