June 13, 2014

Breast Reduction In New York

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammoplasty surgery, gets rid of excess breast fat, skin and glandular tissue to give a breast size in proportion with your body and to improve the discomfort connected with overly large breasts. To take out skin and tissue from the breast, the surgeon firstly makes one or more incisions in the breast. After the unwanted tissue and skin have been removed, the skin is reclosed with stitches.

We understand that many women in New York feel hindered and held back by their naturally large breasts, but did not want to undergo any surgery or operations before having children. Poor posture, back pain and breathing problems are the physical symptoms which make many women wish to change their body, but it is often not understood that making the change is not difficult at all. The team at My Mommy Makeover, including double certified Dr. Fiorillo, ensures that you get the results you want while minimizing risk.

Anyone with large breasts knows that the problems involved go beyond the physical pain. Social difficulties and low self-esteem are just the beginning of the other complications with having oversized breasts. As the New York My Mommy Makeover breast reduction surgery specialists, led by Dr. Fiorillo, we can help you with not only with advice, but we can take you through the decision making process and surgery itself.

The size of the breasts determines the type of surgery that could be undertaken. For extremely large breast, traditional breast reduction surgery must be performed. This surgery means that the nipples can be repositioned and the entire shape of the breast can be changed, though scarring is more apparent. If the breasts are moderately large, there is a vertical incision breast reduction surgery technique that the My Mommy Makeover team in New York can do for you. This technique reduces the scarring from the surgery while still allowing the breast to be reshaped fully. There is also a third method which is similar to liposuction and reduces the amount of fatty tissue in the breasts without causing the scarring found with the other techniques.

The experts at My Mommy Makeover in New York will ensure you have the best recovery possible from your surgery. While you should not do any stressful activity for four weeks after your surgery, there are no effects which will be longer than that. You will be in a surgical bra after a few days when bandages are removed. As with any surgical procedure you are about to impart on, you should take the necessary precautions. It is recommended that you contact your insurance company and a close family member.

With all that said, if you now decided to have the size or your breasts reduced, we are the perfect medical team in New York to give the advice, set the goals and perform the procedure. We can support you through the entire process and before you know it, you will be walking around New York pain free and feeling beautiful.


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