May 27, 2014

Breast Lift For New Mommies

As one of the leaders in post-pregnancy surgery in New York, our team at My Mommy Makeover understands that new mothers often find it difficult to become accustomed to the changes in their bodies. The shape of the breasts will often change, not only throughout the pregnancy, but also while breastfeeding, but it is easy for new mothers in New York to see a My Mommy Makeover specialist for the best treatment.

What we can do

If you are happy with the size of your breasts but unhappy with the firmness or the nipple placement, but you would still like to continue breast feeding, the My Mommy Makeover specialists in New York can assist you from general advice and recommendations, to the surgery itself. Dr. Fiorillo and our expert staff team will guide you through the process and explain exactly what you can expect from the procedure.

The specialists at My Mommy Makeovers ensure the surgery goes smoothly by reducing the risks associated with any general anesthetic procedure. Any procedure involving a general anesthetic carries some level of risk, but at My Mommy Makeover in New York, you are guaranteed the best of care. The operation itself only takes around 45 minutes.

Own yourself

The effect of a breast lift goes beyond the physical benefits. There is nothing that can describe the increase to a new mother’s self-esteem when she feels like she is looking great all the time. It can be difficult in New York to keep up with the others as it is a dynamic city. If you are walking around and you don’t feel like you look as good as you possibly can, then it reflects in your body language. After a visit to Dr. Fiorillo and the team at My Mommy Makeover you will be able to walk around New York confidently again.

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