How Beautiful Moms Have Taken Over the Media

The new single by Fergie titled ‘MILF $’ isn’t just another sexy pop hit; this one has a twist, and you may have guessed it by the title. This new video stars the hottest mom’s in Hollywood, and if you think about it, these stars are also some of the…Read More

Mommy Makeover: Liposuction

Mommy makeovers are widely popular nowadays and here’s why: because they give new mommies their confidence back by transforming their bodies back to normal. It’s a wonderful miracle! One part of a mommy makeover is liposuction. It slims and contours the body by removing fat and making sure fat deposits…Read More

What Goes on During a Tummy Tuck Surgery?

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is the most popular part of a mommy makeover. New mothers quickly realize it can be near impossible to get pre-baby bodies back. Going through a pregnancy is a life-changing event in every way imaginable. That’s why so many women are flocking…Read More

6 Tips for Mommy Makeovers

Mommy makeovers are a phenomenon these days. Women from all over the country are flocking to plastic surgeons to get a whole host of surgeries to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. A mommy makeover typically consists of a breast augmentation, liposuction, and a tummy tuck. But before you begin your…Read More

Have You Seen the Amazing Results of Dr. Fiorillo’s Mommy Makeovers?

If you are interested in gaining your confidence back post childbirth you need to check out Dr. Fiorillo’s Mommy Makeovers. A Mommy Makeover can consist of anything you want, like: tummy tucks, breast augmentation, breast lifts, breast reductions, gummy bear breast implants, liposuction, and Medspa services. The…Read More

Tummy Tuck vs. Mini Tummy Tuck

Mommy makeovers done by Dr. Fiorillo are sure to leave mothers feeling like they have their old bodies back. By removing excess fat and skin that is difficult to lose after giving birth, mothers will feel confident and happy with their results. The question is: should you get a tummy…Read More

6 Ways to Know if a Mommy Makeover is Right for You

Are you wondering if you are a good candidate for a mommy makeover? If any of the following apply to you, you are!

Healthy & Not Breast-Feeding

If you are a relatively healthy mother and you are no longer breast-feeding then you are eligible for mommy makeover procedures.

If You Want a…Read More

Were You Even Pregnant?! The Post Childbirth Question Every Mother Wants to Hear

Did you recently give birth to your child? Have you lost some of your old self-esteem? Dr. Fiorillo wants to help you regain that self-confidence you once had with your younger body.

Dr. Fiorillo offers a program called a Mommy Makeover. With a Mommy Makeover you usually get a tummy…Read More

Marvel at All the Mommy Makeover Options

So, what exactly is a mommy makeover? A mommy makeover is a combination of procedures to help women get their pre-maternity bodies back. Dr. Fiorillo loves to help women gain their confidence and self-esteem back after giving birth.

Mommy Makeover Options

If you are a new mother, you might notice some inevitable…Read More

Mommy Makeover: The Tummy Tuck

With all the stress you put on your abdomen due to pregnancy or weight fluctuation, it’s common that the elasticity of your skin decreases. When your sagging skin is to the point that it can no longer be returned to its original tight shape, even with a rigid exercise or…Read More

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